Wednesday, June 30, 2010

US Nationals

Quick update!

I got 2nd at US Nationals. I was still slow. My body just needs to regroup from all of the medications I was taking. I am feeling better. Now its just getting my body and timing back sharp again!

Now it the most exciting part of the season! THE CURCIT! I love this part of the year. All of the traveling and competing!

I am in Gateshead now. The next meet will be in Paris.

I will keep you posted about whats going on!

Friday, June 18, 2010

A long hard month!

I have been wanting to to write for a long time now! So much has happened.

Let's start with my trip to China:

I went to the Shanghai China for a week...had a great time. Went to the market and bought all kinds of stuff! China is always a trip where you can splurge! I bought two hand bags, tons of Mac Make-up, a ring, a charm for a necklace, and a purse for my mom. All for under 200 dollars! What?!?! I love it!

The competition went very well I placed 4th here are the series:



18.79m=61ft 7 3/4 in. Which is really close to my PR (personal record) of 19.18m=62ft 11 1/4 in.

I was very excited because I am close my PR this early in the season. I couldn't wait to get to home so I can train and get ready for New York! I was crunk because it looked like all the training I have been doing is finally paying off.

The flight back from China was okay (besides the fact the seats are super small). I am a nice sized girl but I can always fit on the air plane seats. I didn't get a chance to go to sleep. I get to L.A. and I was so tired, ready to go to sleep.

I was sitting at the gate with Andrea Williams when we realized that it's time to board and the plane was not here. At the last minute they made an announcement that they had changed the gate. The gate was three gates down. We go to the gate and the plane was already gone! I was so mad!

They put us on another plane but it left at 1 am and its 11am right now. Luckily I have family in LA so they came to pick us up. We chilled for about 12 hours and then it was time to go home!

I slept for 12 hours the day I got home. There stayed up the next day, then crashed. I got to practice the following day and almost pass out. I could not get it together. I rested for the next couple of days.

Come back to practice and its so hot that after 30min you're no good. Then I started feeling sick again and took a few more days off.

I started to feel better and its time to go to New York. I felt fine when I get there. I woke up Sat. morning with a bad headache, a fever, and a sore throat. I threw that evening and it was horrible. I got 6th place.

As soon as the meet was over I got on the bus straight to the hotel. Took a shower got in the bed and was done! Who comes to New York and don't go into the city! I wanted to go out but I was so sick.

I flew home. It was the worst flight ever! I had middle seats the whole time and my fever was trying to break so I sweat the whole time! I landed it Texas my parents picked me up and took me home. I went to the Dr. the next day and he ran a few test and found out that I had strep throat, an abscess, and two days later found out I had shingles!

Talk about sick! I have been fighting getting sick for two weeks and it got me! Beat me down! My immune system shut down! I hardly ever get sick but when I do I get sick!

Now I have taken all of my medicines! I am feeling so good! I cant wait to compete at US Nationals in Des Moines, Iowa! I have to make up for what happened in New York!