Saturday, June 25, 2011

2011 US Nationals/Season

I know it's been a long time since I've last blogged. Let me give you a recap on what has been going on.

This year I have been focusing on getting stronger and getting fit. Looking at what I did last year my dad and I decided to try something new. The reverse... For those who have no idea what the reverse is, its at the end of my throw I switch my feet to help me stay in the ring.

I worked it and worked it but it was improving. In the middle of all of that I had injured my shoulder and missed the indoor season. I felt that I was falling behind. When I was finally cleared to train I felt like I was starting over.

I kept trying the reverse and one day we came to the conclusion that the reverse was not for me. We decided to go back to what I know.

To be honest, I was worried that It was too late to make another change. My dad told me that it was going to be fine. I worked and worked and worked.

My marks this year were not my best. I wanted to do well at Nationals. I started to put pressure and stress on myself. To calm all of the extra nonsense that was going in my head, I told myself that my goal was to make the team. That's all I wanted to do. Make it to World Championships.

Before the meet my Dad and Jon told me that I was ready if I believed it or not. I chose to believe what they have told me. I knew that I was capable of doing well. Then I remembered the most important piece to my puzzle, Jesus. Philippians 4:13 says "That I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". I wasn't just limiting myself but I was limiting God.

I knew that God already worked it out all I had to do was trust him. So I went out and competed.

My first throw in the competition surprised me I threw 19.16 62ft 10.5in. I came back with my second throw 19.86m 65ft 2in. when I heard that I could not believe it. I was not expecting that! I thought to my self just keep your composure you still have 4 more throws. My last 4 throws were all over 60ft. It was the first series I have had all of my throws over 60ft.

Lets rewind a little.

The day before I was distracted by looking and comparing what I had to what others had. I prayed about it. Woke up the next morning and read an email that I normally wouldn't read. It talked about being humble and patient. All I could do was laugh because it felt like God had just checked me. It was like He said "Girl shut up! Do what you know to do. I got you. I'm glad you took time to listen to me today!". After the meet is when I realized how close I was to missing a blessing. Negative thoughts flooded my mind. Pride was rising up in me. I had to check myself. I think if I had not prayed about what I was thinking and feeling the results would have been different.

After the competition all I could do was tell Him thank you. I was not expecting to throw that far but He succeeded all of my expectations. I am so grateful!

As for the rest of the season....

I finished 6th at every single Diamond League meet. :/ It was a little frustrating. The I placed 9th at worlds... Disappointed there too!

Having the break through throw at Nationals showed me that I have so much more in me. I have to learn how to get it out!

I will to continue to work hard, after that work harder, then work even harder!