Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Best Indoor Meet Ever......

This indoor season has been one to remember. I was able to finish the season with an indoor personal best and a World Indoor bronze medal.

This season was very short,sweet, and the most consistent series of meets I have ever had.

I had been working hard and was nervous. I didn't want the hard work to not show up. Each meet I focused on what I have been working on in practice. It's still early in the season I had to just work with what I knew I had worked for and let my competitiveness show up...and it did!

Enough about that...

Let's talk about what an amazing USA team we had! I enjoyed every single moment and every single person on the team. Though now, I'm considered a "veteran" I really enjoyed the "rookies". Everyone was so positive. Whether they had good or bad performances, they were able to be there for and support the team.

We were able to go to the city and had a blast! We became the the best Indoor team USA has ever seen. Breaking the record of number of medal ever achieved that the championships. We also have broken the number of gold medals ever achieved.

This meet showed me where I am and what else I need to do to continue to reach my goal of getting the gold medal at the Olympic Games in London.

Right now London is all I can see. This is my road to London! It has been a short four years! Can't believe it's that time! I am ready to enjoy this roller coaster ride to the podium!

Thats all folks!
Until next time,

London Fever

I got chills! They're multiplying and I'm losing control. 'Cause the power you're supplying...it's eletricfying! You're the one that I want!

I know some of you know where those lyrics come from. They come from the movie 'Grease' when Sandy and Danny finally confess their love to each other.

That's how I feel about the 2012 Olympics. Every time I see NBC commercials I get chills all over my body. I get this feeling from deep within that is so powerful it causes tears to form in my eyes. I can't shake it!

My first Olympic team my mindset was "let's see what I can do". This time I am going for it, the one thing that every athlete dreams of, I'm going for GOLD! There can't be a greater feeling than standing on top of the podium with the gold medal around your neck and the national anthem playing in the background! Being a track and field athlete, what greater honor is there?

In everything I do I hold that picture in my mind. I have my eyes fixed on the prize. For some people it may be hard to see. They may even ask if it's a tangible goal. Yes it is! If you shoot for the moon the least you will do is land amongst the stars, right? Plus, I know with all of my heart I can do all things through Christ (Philippians 4:13) !

Faith, patience, hard work, and consistency can take you far. Whatever you want to do, like good old Nike says, "JUST DO IT"!

Yours truly,
Michelle Carter