Monday, December 20, 2010

2011 BABY!!!!!!


Can you believe it's a new year already? It seems like 2010 went by so fast!

As I think about 2010 one word comes to mind. Growth!

I have learned so much about myself and I realized what's my passion. Knowing my passions and what I want most in the world has helped me to hone in on my goals. Having a clear picture of what it is that you want makes it setting goals easier.

It's very important that you take time to reflect on your priorities. What you spend the most time and money doing shows your main focus. Sometimes we have to refocus!

Three things to help us refocus for 2011......

1) Write down your goals

2) Make a plan

3) WORK YOUR PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!

I put #3 in all caps because it's the hardest step. Writing down goals and making a plan is pretty easy. Working that plan is where many of us fail.

Step #3 is the trial and era period. What you write down does not include everyday life situations. Things will happen that will take you off course. If you keep your goals in view you will be able to get back on the right path!

Put little notes in places that you look at everyday, to remind yourself what it is you are working towards. I have notes on my bathroom mirror, on the mirror in my bedroom, by the door, and on my refrigerator, things I look at everyday. On days that I don't feel like doing anything, the notes gives me a little pick me up. Your notes can be your goals, bible verses, or motivational quotes. Whatever you need that makes you tick, do it!

No matter what it is in life that you want to accomplish. If there is a will, there is a way!

Push yourself in 2011!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm still here!

Hey y'all!

I know I haven't blogged in a while. I'm still alive and well! Just been taking care of business.

I have started my off-season training. Its been going pretty good! I have my goals and I have a plan! So everyday, I am working towards that goal.

God has been working on me in so many way that I don't have words for it yet! I don't know when I will start blogging again but I will!

Until then take care and God bless!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The reason why

I went to church last Sunday I was so happy that I went because I was truly blessed by what was said. I attend Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship (OCBF) Dr. Tony Evans in Dallas, Texas.

The thing that stuck out to me was when he talked about the purpose of a testimony. The purpose of a testimony is to confess what God has done for you. It doesn't matter how big or how small it is. Its a public statement. God has been so good to me that I want others to know what Im going through and how did I get through it. My Blog is my testimony. I cant keep it to myself. This blog isn't for me. I want people to see the ups and downs, the whys and hows.

I dont do what I do for me.

Everything I do God gets the glory. I am just a vessel for Him to use. My job is to tell other about Jesus Christ, not just in the things I say but in the things I do. In interviews I may not get a chance to say all the things I want to say or they may not put out all the things I said. In my blog I can say what I want. I don't have to hold back.

You may not agree with whats said or how its said. I pray that you can hear my heart. I love what I do and I love Jesus. This is one way how I can show it.

Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world.

Friday, July 16, 2010

When it's all said and done! It's ME!

So, I threw today. I did better than my last meet, but it wasn't what I wanted. I threw 18.16m and took 6th place.

I want to feel sorry for myself but then I thought about three people that made me change my mind.

You know I am a people watcher. I watch and listen. I believe that you have a goal you are trying to accomplish watch those who are doing it or have done it.

There are 3 people I admire in my sport: Chante Howard-Lowe, David Oliver, and Lolo Jones.

The first person was Chante Howard-Lowe. She has had a great season this year in the high jump. She set the American Record at 2'05m. When I saw her at Nationals I can look at her body and could tell that she had put some work in. She look really fit! Her ABS OMG! Are great!

When she broke the AR to see her reaction! I wanted to cry with her. It was a celebration paired with a sigh of relief. You work so hard for something then to finally get it! I love to see people in that moment! All of those days, months, and years, of HARD WORK! Finally paid off!

I meet her in Beijing 2008. I remember her saying that she warms up and stretch for 30 min everyday! I asked her why? She said that she has to stay flexible to jump and it helps prevent injury. 2009 in Berlin she was in the airport doing ABS!

Man come on! Who does abs in the airport. She said that she had to finish her work out. I guess you can say hard work pays off! 2010 she makes it look so easy to jump over that bar. She didn't win this last meet. She knows she can beat the girl who had beat her. She has already jumped higher than her this year. I can't wait to see her jump again! I know she already knows what she needs to do!

What I love about Chante is that she is dedicated. She sticks to what she needs to do. Going that extra mile!

The next person I just really got to know this year is David Oliver!

What I love about him is his confidence. I have never felt a since of doubt from him. Some people may say he's cocky! I don't think so! I believe that people who know that they are the best have to have confidence about everything they do!

When you step on that line, ring, or runway, its just you. Your voice is the last voice you hear! You have to be sure of yourself. When you leave room for doubt, it shows!

David knows what he needs to do, how to do it, and when to do it! I talk to his coach Brooks and I see why David is so sure of himself. His coach has that same feel to him. He has been coaching for so long and been around the sport he knows what kind of mind set you need to execute!

Last but not least LoLo Jones. I remember when Lolo went down in the 100m hurdles 2009 at Drake relays! She was so upset. I think her feelings was more hurt than her leg. That injury had her miss the rest of the 2009 season.

Lolo went to work! She wanted to prove a point in 2010. She showed up in indoor ready to bust some heads. When she won Indoor Worlds she celebrated so hard. People say that she overreacted. I don't think so. I almost cried watching her because I knew what it meant to her. It wasn't just a win. It was a message Lolo sent to Lolo. She worked so hard to come back from an injury people wasn't sure how would she come back from. She had put all she had into that one moment and hope for a great outcome! She got what she was looking for. In that short 60m meant the world to her.

From these three people I see things in them that I have to work on. Well not work that I need to get!

Dedication- Do the little things everyday! They separate who's great from who's good!

Confidence- Not just in me and my ability. Confidence in my coaches. My Dad and Jon!

Heart-Put everything I have into what I do. Don't save nothing! Put it all out on the table!

I never told any of them what I thought about them. I appreciate what they do! They just do them thats the best thing anyone can do!

Yea my season may not be what I want it to be. I have to keep pushing, believe it, and do it whole heartedly! It may takes days, it may take months, or years! But Im tired of just barely making it! I believe that I am the best! Now its time to act like it! Im not a baby anymore. I've been a professional for 3 years now.

I know what it takes to be great but just been scared to put myself out there. I have to make some major changes! Let some things go. When its all said and done the only person stopping me is ME!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Peace of mind

One thing that I love about what I do, is the traveling.

I love to travel. I love going to new places, and seeing new things. The best part about traveling is I am by myself!!!

Sounds a little selfish! (I know) I love the fact they I can just focus on myself.

If there is one thing that I need to improve on is learning how to say no. I can't be everywhere all the time and do everything. I always try to be super women. This year I realize that I can't be superwomen. When I try, something suffers. 9 times out of 10 I get the short end of the stick.

I'm the one that ends up tired and stressed out. When I travel I get to relax! Breathe! I look at who Michelle is and what Michelle really wants! There are a lot of expectations that I try to meet. The only expectation that matters is God's. It's not hard wanting to please those who are around you. You don't want to let them down!

One thing about my sport is that when we (athletes) get together we all have the same mind set. Prior to the meet everyone is going to bed early. No one is bugging anyone. You leave all drama where it is and you focus on the common goal- To WIN. There is no room for other stuff. You need to be mentally free.

I don't like feeling that I have to call or see you. When actually you are the last thing on my mind. If I don't feel like talking I should not have to. I don't bug you at work! Don't bug me when I am at work!

Over here, my phone don't ring. I call to check in with my parents let them know that I'm OK. Check in with my coach to get my workouts. If you really want to keep up with me hit me up via Facebook or Twitter. Ill get to you when I get to you. ( a little harsh)

I like waking up and just sitting there listening to my music, thinking about what I want to get done in practice, and what needs to happen at this next meet.

That's it!

So simple!

No stress!

A peace of mind!

All I need to do, is figure out how to do that at home! LOL!

Friday, July 9, 2010


I took a taxi today and my cab driver was telling me about this shooter that has been on the loose for about a week. The guy shot and killed his ex-girl friend and her new partner and was about to kill himself. Then he said to me men are always doing something crazy behind a women. I said that's true, but its not our faults. Then I said that war start because of women. and he said yea and religion. I said that's true! Then he asked me if I was religious. I told him I was a Christian. He told me that he wasn't, so I asked him why?

His Dad died at the age of 47 of a massive heart attack! He don't understand why would God let such horrible things happen to good people. Does He wants all the good people in heaven. What about those who are left? He lost his best friend that had two brain tumors and left 2 small children, now they have to grow up with out a dad. Then he asked what about the Muslims that kill innocent people, in the name of religion. Why would a God so good let such horrible things happen!?!

He said that people try to force people to believe their faith. I told him that that's not how its done. People don't want to feel forced. In my head i know that Jesus is all about love, forgiveness and patients. I wanted to listen to him and let him know I heard him. I felt at that moment I did need to say anything. He already knew that I was a Christian. That's all he needed to know.

That hurt my heart so bad that all these things has happened to him and he feels that God don't care.

Mr taxi driver,

I prayed for you before I got out of your cab. I may not ever see you and you may never see me. I want you to know that as humans there are many things that God does that we don't understand. But He does. You may not see past all the hurt and pain but God hears you! He knows you have been hurt and you have turned away. He has never left you. I cant tell you why those things happened to you but I know that you are still here on this earth for a reason. Events happen in life so that we can show others how to continue to live when all hell breaks loose.

I pray that God keeps His hands of protection around you and that He touches your heart in a way that you know that He is real! He sent His son to die for you and Jesus has felt the pain you felt. You are not alone!

May God bless you and your family. May God continue to give you strength!

In Jesus name I pray AMEN!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

US Nationals

Quick update!

I got 2nd at US Nationals. I was still slow. My body just needs to regroup from all of the medications I was taking. I am feeling better. Now its just getting my body and timing back sharp again!

Now it the most exciting part of the season! THE CURCIT! I love this part of the year. All of the traveling and competing!

I am in Gateshead now. The next meet will be in Paris.

I will keep you posted about whats going on!

Friday, June 18, 2010

A long hard month!

I have been wanting to to write for a long time now! So much has happened.

Let's start with my trip to China:

I went to the Shanghai China for a week...had a great time. Went to the market and bought all kinds of stuff! China is always a trip where you can splurge! I bought two hand bags, tons of Mac Make-up, a ring, a charm for a necklace, and a purse for my mom. All for under 200 dollars! What?!?! I love it!

The competition went very well I placed 4th here are the series:



18.79m=61ft 7 3/4 in. Which is really close to my PR (personal record) of 19.18m=62ft 11 1/4 in.

I was very excited because I am close my PR this early in the season. I couldn't wait to get to home so I can train and get ready for New York! I was crunk because it looked like all the training I have been doing is finally paying off.

The flight back from China was okay (besides the fact the seats are super small). I am a nice sized girl but I can always fit on the air plane seats. I didn't get a chance to go to sleep. I get to L.A. and I was so tired, ready to go to sleep.

I was sitting at the gate with Andrea Williams when we realized that it's time to board and the plane was not here. At the last minute they made an announcement that they had changed the gate. The gate was three gates down. We go to the gate and the plane was already gone! I was so mad!

They put us on another plane but it left at 1 am and its 11am right now. Luckily I have family in LA so they came to pick us up. We chilled for about 12 hours and then it was time to go home!

I slept for 12 hours the day I got home. There stayed up the next day, then crashed. I got to practice the following day and almost pass out. I could not get it together. I rested for the next couple of days.

Come back to practice and its so hot that after 30min you're no good. Then I started feeling sick again and took a few more days off.

I started to feel better and its time to go to New York. I felt fine when I get there. I woke up Sat. morning with a bad headache, a fever, and a sore throat. I threw that evening and it was horrible. I got 6th place.

As soon as the meet was over I got on the bus straight to the hotel. Took a shower got in the bed and was done! Who comes to New York and don't go into the city! I wanted to go out but I was so sick.

I flew home. It was the worst flight ever! I had middle seats the whole time and my fever was trying to break so I sweat the whole time! I landed it Texas my parents picked me up and took me home. I went to the Dr. the next day and he ran a few test and found out that I had strep throat, an abscess, and two days later found out I had shingles!

Talk about sick! I have been fighting getting sick for two weeks and it got me! Beat me down! My immune system shut down! I hardly ever get sick but when I do I get sick!

Now I have taken all of my medicines! I am feeling so good! I cant wait to compete at US Nationals in Des Moines, Iowa! I have to make up for what happened in New York!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Moving Mountains

Today at the track, I sat back and looked at the people there. There were 5 Olympians 2 up and coming (Me and Marshevet) and 3 medalist (Michael Carter silver medal, Jackie Joyner-Kersey gold medals, Jon Drummond gold medals). Three different generations of Athletes! It is Amazing to be surrounded with greatness!

At church on Sunday I was reminded of God's plans and how to overcome Mountains! Mark 11:20-26

For as long as I can remember throwing the shot was easy for me. I didn't have to do a lot to win. As I got older my work ethic didn't change. People I normally beat I had to really work to win by inches and centimeters. My Sr. year in college I finished 5th at NCAA Nationals and 5th at U.S. nationals. I was sick! I knew I needed a new everything because it wasn't me. It was everyone else. I found a new coach did better to make the Olympic team in 2008 and the World team in 2009. After Worlds I started looking at where I was and where I want to be. I was ranked 7th but I want to be ranked higher. What I want, the most, is to be on the top of the podium! The #1 spot!

How do I get there?

I kept thinking I need a new coach. I got a new coach. Things was looking better going into indoor nationals. I get to Indoor Worlds and didn't make the finals. I was very disappointed. I sat back and started thinking again and I had to be brutally honest with myself! The problem wasn't the coaches the problem was ME!

I have been my biggest problem the whole time. I am the mountain and I didn't want to admit it. Who wants to be the problem? I didn't! I wanted everyone to fix me, fix the problem! But, I didn't want to fix the problem!

I understand that I have to grow up and take responsibility. I was the reason why I wasn't doing good! I wasn't eating right, going to bed, stretching, drills, and practicing the way I should. I wanted the coach to make me do it. No one can make me do anything I don't want to do! I had to want it!

Now I want it!

The last few weeks of my training has pushed me further than I have ever been pushed in my life! The work load was so heavy that every day I wasn't sure if I could get out of bed. I wanted to get the work in so, I found the energy and strength to get up every day! I try to make decisions that going to make me better. I'm not perfect at it, but when I make bad decisions I get mad at myself. Its a daily struggle that I pray about all the time!

Day by Day! Step by Step!
there are somethings that I can help!
Mile by mile! Inch by inch!
With Jesus it will be a cinch!

(Lol see I can write a little poetry)

Everything is in place and is waiting for ME! All I have to do is WORK HARD! Track is my life and nothing else, beside Jesus and Family, matters! Making sacrifices! My Momma always said that It's lonely getting to the top! But when you get there everyone will be there!

I am working hard everyday to be the best! Things may not happen when you want them but it will happen on time!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So Let Me Introduce Myself

I started thinking about my blog and what I should talk about. I thought it would be good just to introduce myself to those who don't know me. Ok here we go!

My name is Michelle Carter. I throw the Shot put. Shot put? Whats that? Glad you asked! Its a medal ball that you throw as far as you can. I Glide not spin!

Yes, My dad is Micheal Carter-Is that the guy who threw the shot really really far?- Why yes, as a matter of fact it is. He threw it 81 ft. 3in. Its been the National High School Record since 1979! (yea, my Dad is getting old). He also played Professional football for 9 years with San Francisco 49ers. He went SMU and graduated in 1984. He got a silver medal in the 1984 Olympics!

I started throwing in the 7th grade at Red Oak Jr high and went on to Red Oak High School graduated in 2003.I also, like my father, hold the national High School Record 54ft. 10.7in. I've won State in shot and discus all four years.

I attended the University of TEXAS! Go Longhorns! All day everyday! (clearing my throat) The REAL UT! (Get it right) Won 1 NCAA title in 2006. We the Lovely Lady Longhorns won NCAA Championship in 2005 and an Indoor NCAA title in 2006!

I graduated from the University of Texas in 2007 with a degree in Applied Learning and Development with a minor in Kinesiology.

I have a younger sister and brother. D'Andra (Dee Dee) Carter and Michael (Big Mike) Carter Jr. My mom name is Sandra Carter.

I was on the 2008 Olympic team (15th) and the 2009 World Championship team (6th) . I am ranked #7 in the world. Two time USA National Champion.

A few Personal things

-I am a Christian. I believe that JESUS died for my sins and rose on the third day! With out Him I would not be able to do what I do! He has bless me so much that all I can do is pass it on.
-I love to sing
-I love make up!
-I enjoy R&B and Neo Soul
-I love to Babysit! I love kids!
-I love Ice cream

That's all I can think of right now! Writing this blog has made me sleepy! Lol!
Please feel free to comment and ask questions!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Something new!

I have thought long and hard about this. I am bad with emails how can I keep up with a blog!?! I think that I can help someone with some of the things I may talk about.
One or two things can happen: 1) People would read it 2) people won't read it (shrug shoulders)

In my blogs I will talk about my training, things going on in the world, or something I just want to talk about!

I want to keep it as positive as possible. I know God has blessed me beyond measure, so I want to be able bless others in anyway that I can.

English was not my strongest subject. Please bare with me!