Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Moving Mountains

Today at the track, I sat back and looked at the people there. There were 5 Olympians 2 up and coming (Me and Marshevet) and 3 medalist (Michael Carter silver medal, Jackie Joyner-Kersey gold medals, Jon Drummond gold medals). Three different generations of Athletes! It is Amazing to be surrounded with greatness!

At church on Sunday I was reminded of God's plans and how to overcome Mountains! Mark 11:20-26

For as long as I can remember throwing the shot was easy for me. I didn't have to do a lot to win. As I got older my work ethic didn't change. People I normally beat I had to really work to win by inches and centimeters. My Sr. year in college I finished 5th at NCAA Nationals and 5th at U.S. nationals. I was sick! I knew I needed a new everything because it wasn't me. It was everyone else. I found a new coach did better to make the Olympic team in 2008 and the World team in 2009. After Worlds I started looking at where I was and where I want to be. I was ranked 7th but I want to be ranked higher. What I want, the most, is to be on the top of the podium! The #1 spot!

How do I get there?

I kept thinking I need a new coach. I got a new coach. Things was looking better going into indoor nationals. I get to Indoor Worlds and didn't make the finals. I was very disappointed. I sat back and started thinking again and I had to be brutally honest with myself! The problem wasn't the coaches the problem was ME!

I have been my biggest problem the whole time. I am the mountain and I didn't want to admit it. Who wants to be the problem? I didn't! I wanted everyone to fix me, fix the problem! But, I didn't want to fix the problem!

I understand that I have to grow up and take responsibility. I was the reason why I wasn't doing good! I wasn't eating right, going to bed, stretching, drills, and practicing the way I should. I wanted the coach to make me do it. No one can make me do anything I don't want to do! I had to want it!

Now I want it!

The last few weeks of my training has pushed me further than I have ever been pushed in my life! The work load was so heavy that every day I wasn't sure if I could get out of bed. I wanted to get the work in so, I found the energy and strength to get up every day! I try to make decisions that going to make me better. I'm not perfect at it, but when I make bad decisions I get mad at myself. Its a daily struggle that I pray about all the time!

Day by Day! Step by Step!
there are somethings that I can help!
Mile by mile! Inch by inch!
With Jesus it will be a cinch!

(Lol see I can write a little poetry)

Everything is in place and is waiting for ME! All I have to do is WORK HARD! Track is my life and nothing else, beside Jesus and Family, matters! Making sacrifices! My Momma always said that It's lonely getting to the top! But when you get there everyone will be there!

I am working hard everyday to be the best! Things may not happen when you want them but it will happen on time!


Jessica said...

This blog really made me think about my current situatioon. I have never had a coach but yet i perform fairly well. But lately I have been slacking on my drills and lifting. This articles is really going to make me turn it. Thanks

Trey said...

get it girl! soooo proud to know you!

Chrystal said...

Great post Michelle! Glad to see you blogging. It's a great reflective tool. Also glad to see your revelation. I was reminded about changing me and not blaming things on other people. Thanks for your thoughts.