Friday, July 9, 2010


I took a taxi today and my cab driver was telling me about this shooter that has been on the loose for about a week. The guy shot and killed his ex-girl friend and her new partner and was about to kill himself. Then he said to me men are always doing something crazy behind a women. I said that's true, but its not our faults. Then I said that war start because of women. and he said yea and religion. I said that's true! Then he asked me if I was religious. I told him I was a Christian. He told me that he wasn't, so I asked him why?

His Dad died at the age of 47 of a massive heart attack! He don't understand why would God let such horrible things happen to good people. Does He wants all the good people in heaven. What about those who are left? He lost his best friend that had two brain tumors and left 2 small children, now they have to grow up with out a dad. Then he asked what about the Muslims that kill innocent people, in the name of religion. Why would a God so good let such horrible things happen!?!

He said that people try to force people to believe their faith. I told him that that's not how its done. People don't want to feel forced. In my head i know that Jesus is all about love, forgiveness and patients. I wanted to listen to him and let him know I heard him. I felt at that moment I did need to say anything. He already knew that I was a Christian. That's all he needed to know.

That hurt my heart so bad that all these things has happened to him and he feels that God don't care.

Mr taxi driver,

I prayed for you before I got out of your cab. I may not ever see you and you may never see me. I want you to know that as humans there are many things that God does that we don't understand. But He does. You may not see past all the hurt and pain but God hears you! He knows you have been hurt and you have turned away. He has never left you. I cant tell you why those things happened to you but I know that you are still here on this earth for a reason. Events happen in life so that we can show others how to continue to live when all hell breaks loose.

I pray that God keeps His hands of protection around you and that He touches your heart in a way that you know that He is real! He sent His son to die for you and Jesus has felt the pain you felt. You are not alone!

May God bless you and your family. May God continue to give you strength!

In Jesus name I pray AMEN!

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