Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Peace of mind

One thing that I love about what I do, is the traveling.

I love to travel. I love going to new places, and seeing new things. The best part about traveling is I am by myself!!!

Sounds a little selfish! (I know) I love the fact they I can just focus on myself.

If there is one thing that I need to improve on is learning how to say no. I can't be everywhere all the time and do everything. I always try to be super women. This year I realize that I can't be superwomen. When I try, something suffers. 9 times out of 10 I get the short end of the stick.

I'm the one that ends up tired and stressed out. When I travel I get to relax! Breathe! I look at who Michelle is and what Michelle really wants! There are a lot of expectations that I try to meet. The only expectation that matters is God's. It's not hard wanting to please those who are around you. You don't want to let them down!

One thing about my sport is that when we (athletes) get together we all have the same mind set. Prior to the meet everyone is going to bed early. No one is bugging anyone. You leave all drama where it is and you focus on the common goal- To WIN. There is no room for other stuff. You need to be mentally free.

I don't like feeling that I have to call or see you. When actually you are the last thing on my mind. If I don't feel like talking I should not have to. I don't bug you at work! Don't bug me when I am at work!

Over here, my phone don't ring. I call to check in with my parents let them know that I'm OK. Check in with my coach to get my workouts. If you really want to keep up with me hit me up via Facebook or Twitter. Ill get to you when I get to you. ( a little harsh)

I like waking up and just sitting there listening to my music, thinking about what I want to get done in practice, and what needs to happen at this next meet.

That's it!

So simple!

No stress!

A peace of mind!

All I need to do, is figure out how to do that at home! LOL!


Kiki said...

In order to get things done, especially your accomplishments, you have to be a little harsh. Honestly, I don't think it was harsh. I think it was put just right! I need to work on saying NO too. I'm trying hard to get where you at! haha But good luck with everything. And keep blogging. You plus a couple of my friends have influence me to blog. It so hard keeping up though! haha

Scattered Mommy said...

LOVE IT! That didn't sound harsh at all, more like truthful. I relate to that as a stay-at-home mom, believe it or not! Phone, computer, Tv all go off when nap time rolls around! Dont disturb me during nap time! It is finally peaceful! haha. It is always good to constantly be re-evaluating yourself, your needs, your wants. That makes for happy people! And it is a great formula for a well-balance life. Good for you Michelle! Bravo